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Because Michi is all about breaking silos, Udaan has shaken itself free of the confines of a text-only, online-only format.

Download an audiocast

Suggested methods for downloading the tracks for offline use and creating an Udaan playlist are here: Creating an offline playlist.

To meet the faces behind these voices, click here: Narrators.

To download a single, big file (~160 MB) containing all of these tracks, click this GoogleDrive link. You'll need to request access to it.


Download an ebook



In the spirit of collaboration, Udaan is open source.



Creating an offline playlist

For iPhone

Download the tracks to a computer. Drag the tracks to your iTunes library. Sync this library with your iPhone. Then, follow the procedure here: Create a playlist.

For Android phone

  1. Long-press a track and, from the options that are displayed, tap Save link. Repeat for all of the Udaan tracks.
  2. After downloading the tracks, open the default music app, locate any one track, and tap the menu icon next to it.
  3. Tap Add to playlist, and give a name to a new playlist.
  4. Locate the next track, tap the menu icon, and add it to the playlist you created in the previous step. Repeat this step for all of the Udaan tracks.

For Windows phone

For Windows 10 phones, start the Groove app, tap New playlist, and give it a name. Return to the first screen of the app, tap Collection, press and hold an Udaan track, and tap Add to playlist. Repeat this step for all Udaan tracks.

For Windows phones on systems earlier than windows 10, there does not seem to exist an easy way of creating a playlist of a few selected tracks. If any of you know of an easy method, do explain it in the Comments section of this page. Till such time as an easy method is found, consider playing the tracks one by one.

For Windows Media Player

  1. Right-click a track, click Save link as, and save the track to your computer. Repeat for all of the tracks.
  2. Open a new text file.
  3. On the first line, type the full path of the first track. On the second line, type the full path of the second track. Repeat till you have listed all of the Udaan tracks. Here is a picture of a sample text file:
  4. Save the file with a .m3u extension.
  5. Right-click the .m3u file you just created and open it with Windows Media Player. To move between the tracks, use the Fast Forward button.

For Apple QuickTime

The QuickTime player does not support playlists.