Conference team

Mugdha Kulkarni, Sheece Baghdadi, Makarand Pandit, Rajib Borkataki, Anindita Basu, Nibu Thomas, Vinish Garg, Paresh Naik, Subash Babu, Abhijeet Wakhare, Prachi Karnik, Lobhas Paradkar, Ashwini Gokhale, Kshitija Bhagwat, Deval Faldu, Sangeeta Raghu-Punnadi, Ameya Atawane, Amruta Ranade, Hemant Baliwala, Mayur Bhandarkar

Contest winners

The conference program management team ran several contests as a run up to the conference.

Conference theme

Radhika Hari coined the theme of this year's conference: Guts and Glory.

More about the theme contest is here.

Technical writing quiz

Shivi Sivasubramanian won the quiz and Pranab Koch came a very close second.

The quiz is at this link.

Caption the picture

The contest is at this link (Facebook page).

Suyog Ketkar's was the winning caption: "What came first, the issue or the document?"

Lean mean definitions

The contest is at this link (visible only to group members).

Kumar Dhanagopal's definition under 35 words was the winning entry. Kumar defined "TechComm in Agile mode" in the following manner:

They stand up, and sprint, and scrum... every day.
It looks pointless, but it's the cool way.
So I want to fit in, and I try it.
It seems to work, but does it?

Director's cut

The contest is at this link (Facebook page).

The winner will be announced on December 9.


STC India administration council 2014

Saravanan Manoharan, Rajdeep Gupta, Aarthi Kirubaharan, Naveen D'Cruz, Manisha Khurana